Caring For Our Children

As a mother, Dawn knows that securing a better tomorrow for our children is an obligation of us all. As your Suffolk County Legislator, it’ll be among her chief priorities, and ensuring our children have the opportunities to succeed they deserve will be influential in every policy choice Dawn makes. Dawn will work to expand the services the county government provides to parents and children, making sure no child falls through the cracks. Dawn believes in building family-first communities, and that means a government that is responsive to the needs of a busy family, not just what suits the political elite. Dawn serves on the Middle Country Board of Education, including on the Legislative Committee, and she knows the importance of supporting our public schools. If elected, she won’t hesitate to fight to make sure our schools and children have all they need. Dawn will also work to ensure that when our children begin to prepare to spread their wings and enter the world as adults, they have the opportunities to pursue fulfilling careers that allow them to stay in the community they grew up in. Dawn is proud to say her family is a union family, and she believes that expanding trade school opportunities is key to building the middle class back up in Suffolk and making sure our children have a pathway to success. That means working to create more apprenticeship opportunities and teaching our children that college isn’t the only option after high school. Dawn firmly believes that one of the chief responsibilities of an elected official is to leave the community in a better place than when they began their service. Dawn sees building a better future for our children as precisely how to fulfill this covenant with the people.

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