Improving Our Health

Dawn is acutely aware of one of the most serious issues facing our community today: the opioid crisis. If elected, Dawn will lead on this issue, breaking the silence and stigma that defines opioid addiction. It’s critical that conversations about opioid addiction not be in hushed tones, but rather done in a way that makes clear that help is here, and that the community is ready to deal with this problem, together. Dawn plans on convening a hyperlocal LD-4 taskforce on the opioid crisis that will bring together local stakeholders, including elected officials, health officials, prosecutors, judges, public defenders, law enforcement officials, educational officials, community and civic leaders, treatment facility directors, parent advocates, faith leaders, and other invested community members to work together to address this crisis as a united front. Dawn will make contact with and work with the Community Anti-Drug Coalition (CADCA), a group that helps establish and build up local coalitions for drug-free communities. Dawn will also make sure that all levels of government are communicating, coordinating with town, state, and federal government representatives to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and resources are used most efficiently. Dawn believes that the opioid crisis is a public health crisis, and one that needs to be addressed like one, with prevention, harm reduction, and treatment. In pursuing prevention, community communication is key, and will be a priority of Dawn’s in tackling this issue. Dawn intends to use all means necessary to ensure the community is aware of the dangers of prescription pain killers and the lethality of heroin and fentanyl. She’ll communicate this on social media, through newsletters, in schools, town hall meetings, public posters, and whatever other mediums exist to get out the lifesaving word.

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