Protecting The Environment

Dawn believes that protecting our environment should be paramount in the mind of every elected official. As your County Legislator, she is committed to upholding that responsibility. Dawn will fight to ensure our water quality remains high, and that Suffolk County not only meets water safety standards, but exceeds them.  Water quality has a massive influence on everyone’s health, but especially that of our children. Pollutants in water can cause serious developmental issues for children, and Dawn is unwilling to accept water quality that can put our children at risk. Dawn is highly engaged on the issue of the climate crisis, and will not only work to ensure Suffolk County does its part in fighting to stop climate change, but will also craft plans to mitigate potential effects, and make sure our communities are prepared. Dawn will additionally work to preserve more lands for the public and as habitats. Open space is critical for the health of our ecosystems, for our air quality, but also for the mental and physical health of the people in our communities. Dawn will make sure that open space is preserved in Suffolk. Finally, Dawn recognizes the unacceptable reality of dumping in our communities. When projects are proposed to dispose of waste or pollute our communities, Dawn will be a steadfast voice in opposition. Dawn will always fight to ensure our fundamental rights to breathe clean air and drink clean water are never infringed.  

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