Standing Up For Small Business

Dawn has been an active member of our community for some time now and, if she’s learned one thing, it is this: small businesses are the backbone of this district. As your Suffolk County Legislator, Dawn will do all she can to make Suffolk County an easier place to start out and thrive as a small business. Dawn will convene a task force of small business owners across the district to advise her on the issues facing them, and to propose policy that can make their lives easier. Dawn will use her platform as a County Legislator to spotlight local businesses and make sure they get the attention and community support they need. Dawn always will be attentive to opportunities for our small businesses, such as state and federal grants, and will ensure our local businesses are made aware and get the assistance and benefits they deserve. Dawn will also make sure that government isn’t exploiting small businesses, as it all too often does, with exorbitant fees and fines. The budget holes that irresponsible governance creates shouldn’t be filled on the back of small businesses and, on Dawn’s watch, they won’t be. 

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