Protecting Working Families

When elected, Dawn will be a strong supporter of workers and labor unions. Dawn will work to create more good union jobs in our area, ensuring our children can thrive and remain in our community, via a variety of initiatives. This will include pushing for more infrastructure spending in Suffolk, increased bus routes, ensuring Suffolk County avoids contracting with non-union labor, ensuring work on county properties takes place under a prevailing wage, supporting our overworked and underpaid county workers, and supporting labor unions in organizing and labor actions. Dawn comes from a union household, and she understands intimately how essential union jobs are to stable and strong communities. Dawn will be an active presence at union organizing drives and actions, using her position as a Suffolk County Legislator to support workers and unions. Dawn will only support appointees to the Suffolk IDA who believe in one simple principle: if you’re not offering a prevailing wage, no tax breaks. Dawn also will form a Labor & Organizing Advisory Board, where she’ll convene union leaders on how she can best support them in all they do. Dawn believes in the dignity of work, and the basic idea that hard work should mean shared prosperity. She sees standing in solidarity with union workers and bringing more union jobs to our neighborhoods as the way to bring this shared prosperity to all of us. 

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